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Oct. 5, 2009.  A very dear little baby died Friday night…

9 days old, precious and miraculous. You are amazing. Your birth was a miracle and was known by the Father before your parent’s parent’s births. The Father knew your days, and when the time came He took you from your flawed body and held you close. You are never to feel pain again, passing time as a night passes in sleep like the blink of an eye, until your earthly parents greet you again when time is not, and what is- is yours to enjoy with them forever. We will see you again. I envy you:)


Little accident, you were here for a short while. An accident born of 2 adult accidents. Their life is meaningless and so was yours. Life is an accident. What matter is it that it be 9 days or 90 years? I envy you. We all envy you. We have no hope for we are here for no reason. So, we take what we can and enjoy what can be enjoyed until we die. We educate ourselves to make money to ease our discomfort. We chase comfort and happiness and leave the lives of those we use in our wake. Our life is the pursuit of purpose spent trying to ignore the grave that awaits wherein we return to dust and are no more. There is no hope for there is no future, or past, and the present is without purpose other than that which we concoct with our pitiful reasoning. You are to be envied for you will not have to experience this meaningless painful life.

Choose hope, or choose hopelessness.

If you cannot abandon your mind and the struggles inside it (that is, to understand), you cannot experience the peace of your mind renewed with knowing that which exceeds understanding. Believing is seeing.


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