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ah Chipotle… you make me smile. you bring me joy. you are a piece of happiness in an otherwise chaotic world.and i have sarah to thank for introducing us!

i was just at Chipotle (in case you couldnt figure that out) eating with my fam. i watched some of the people as they watched their burrito being made. it was like they were in the maternity ward at the hospital looking through the window at the babies. they had their noses pressed against the glass while elbowing the person on either side of them, “look! there’s mine!” they would declare. “isn’t he beeauuutifullll?!” the other proud parents would smile and nod with approval. they would tap on the glass and make baby noises at the little one all wrapped up in that little basket/crib. “you’re so beautiful yes you are! yes you are!”


Posted July 6, 2010 by john b in Uncategorized

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