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So stinky I could just die!   Leave a comment

System overload. The human body cannot process the number of stimuli that it encounters second by second. Your body filters certain stimuli out and allows others. Some things we acknowledge on a sub conscious level. These are the things that contribute to “gut feelings”. It is true that one processes more info than they are aware of and so allowing your “gut” to decide things allows a decision that takes conscious and sub conscious data into account. At least this is my theory.

I am also convinced that certain sensory overload can cause death. A loud enough sound could kill someone by messing with heart rhythm. In the bible it says that a mortal human can not witness the glory of God and live. Let’s just assume that glory is super bright light. You look directly at the light and you die. That prolly isn’t the case but for the sake of my argument I like it. Or what about looking at something so repulsive that you want to turn away but you just can’t because it is almost amazing how repulsive it is? That is a near death experience especially if you are engaged in an activity that requires your full attention, or even just most of your attention. You are busy looking at _______ and crash your car.

How about smell? There are times that I have been close to death because of olfactory overload. I have smelled something so horrid, so vile that I could sense my body going into a state of self preservation. My body was going to kill itself to stop the torment. Were it not for my ability to flee I do not think I would have made it.

A combination of pleasing sensory stimulus can cause death too! I have been very close to dying of delight. I was watching the Sabres win in a shootout, on my birthday, with my Sarah and my best friends, while drinking a Blue, eating buffalo chicken tenders, and not doing homework. For a split second I heard my brain tell the rest of my body, “This is it. There will never be a better moment. Let’s just…”. I quickly took action and reminded my body that I had to pee. Death averted.

There are more instances that support my theory. In fact it’s not a theory. It is fact.


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Talk silly, but write somber   Leave a comment

Not sure why I do that. Especially in recent months. Maybe because I take the time to write when something is weighing on me heavily. Lucky you guys. “Oh great, John blogged again”. Feel free to read my blogs with the voice of Eeyore.

I am trying to put an end to that! that means I have to blog more. I gotta write more stuff than I have complaints!

I tend to remind people that life is hard and to be realistic about that fact. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy life. I find enjoyment in so many things that it is just ridiculous. A lot of it centers around snacking and hockey. But still…

I just try to constantly remind myself of the people that were born under far worse conditions. It isn’t a good idea to go through life with the expectation that you are owed anything. That is a selfish thought and for that thought alone you shouldn’t be owed anything!

I just ate my 3rd Stork Chocolate Riesens. They are lovely. The problem is that they are in a bag with other candy. The other candies that I wish were NOT in the bag are the little white mint chalk bites. My Riesens kinda taste like chalkolate mint chews.

I shall eat a small PB cup. There is no way that a chalky mint can penetrate and overwhelm the unstoppable yumminess that is a pb cup… Unwrapping… Tasting…  DAMN YOU MINTY ASSASSINS!!

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Oh I do love you I do! Well, as long as you…   Leave a comment

I just got done reading Don Miller’s blog on conditional love ( It happened to resonate with me strongly today. Someone close to me is going through some really tough stuff and it would seem that they are going to fail. I think they already did.

I would love to see everyone win when it comes to life and the struggles therein, but alas many of us fail. Most of us at one point or another will.

Life is hard. Love is hard. Love is reeeeally hard when you love with conditions. I do it. It happens to be a constant struggle. I want to throw in the towel and look for another love when I am not getting back what I was hoping for.

The belief in an all powerful God is much the same way. In fact, I would go so far as to say that placing conditions on our love or relationship with God is the hardest part about believing in God.

There has to be something simple that can be grasped and held that will sustain our belief. If there isn’t a truth that we can cling to then we will not be able to hang on when pain tries to pull us away.

God made us. God loves us without condition and proved it by giving part of Himself to a wicked group to be treated unjustly and then to be killed. That was the sacrifice, and to simply acknowledge and honor that sacrifice is what is expected of us. The result is that God gets His way – to be with us. Slog through this miserable life and then we are together.Win Win.

Hang on to that. Bear the burden of grief and toil for X years then all eternity with Him.

The problem is when we add to that.

Eternal life… and comfort. Eternal life… and financial wealth. Eternal life… and freedom from lust, greed, deceit, the desire to be comfortable. Add these to the equation and you fail.

These things are not promised. They are not even hinted at. It is quite simple really- bear the burden now and enjoy freedom from these things later. Forever.

The thing is that I happen to believe in the all powerful God. If He is all powerful then why not remove things things from me? Why must I suffer?

Because that would result in, or reinforce CONDITIONAL love on my part. I will love Him IF…

Walking away and saying that God let me down or simply isn’t there is first of all foolish. And second, it results in us spending all of our savings on a binge.

This life is a binge. It is a brief time of sweat and tears and then it’s over. If you walk away and do what you want, if you indulge in the “freedom” of lack of conscience, then you blow all your savings. At the end of the binge there is nothing.

It is a race. It is a fight. It is a long, narrow road with a heavy weight on our shoulders.

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