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Not sure why I do that. Especially in recent months. Maybe because I take the time to write when something is weighing on me heavily. Lucky you guys. “Oh great, John blogged again”. Feel free to read my blogs with the voice of Eeyore.

I am trying to put an end to that! that means I have to blog more. I gotta write more stuff than I have complaints!

I tend to remind people that life is hard and to be realistic about that fact. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy life. I find enjoyment in so many things that it is just ridiculous. A lot of it centers around snacking and hockey. But still…

I just try to constantly remind myself of the people that were born under far worse conditions. It isn’t a good idea to go through life with the expectation that you are owed anything. That is a selfish thought and for that thought alone you shouldn’t be owed anything!

I just ate my 3rd Stork Chocolate Riesens. They are lovely. The problem is that they are in a bag with other candy. The other candies that I wish were NOT in the bag are the little white mint chalk bites. My Riesens kinda taste like chalkolate mint chews.

I shall eat a small PB cup. There is no way that a chalky mint can penetrate and overwhelm the unstoppable yumminess that is a pb cup… Unwrapping… Tasting…  DAMN YOU MINTY ASSASSINS!!


Posted August 4, 2010 by john b in philosofickle

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