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Oh me of little faith   Leave a comment

I prayed with Sarah (my hott love who bakes cookies but rarely offers any to me) on a special occasion. We were worried about our future. Well… I wasn’t worried but she was. I wrestle mentally with that. Maybe I was just being naive and enjoying some blissful ignorance, or maybe I was just displaying my great faith!

Sigh… my faith really isn’t all that great. During our prayer I asked God to let us win the lottery so that we would be able to pay all of our bills.

I need to confess. I haven’t purchased a lottery ticket yet. It has been months since that prayer. What kind of faith have I shown in an omnipotent God that I haven’t even done my one little part? God is just waiting to answer my praYER BUT FRKN MELLON FARMERS I HIT THE CAPS LOCK! God is just waiting to answer my prayer but I haven’t even showed enough faith to take the step and believe He will do His part. All I have to do is buy the ticket.

Sometimes He asks us to just wait and be patient, so… I might have to buy many tickets. Maybe I will have to buy them for years while He works on my heart and builds me into a great man. I will be patient and buy the tickets and learn the things that He will teach me before He answers the prayer. It is the least I can do. He created all the universe and is capable and loving and good.

The lesson here is that it is not enough to pray and then sit and wait. Sometimes we need to believe that He has our back. Do what you know is right and trust His love and kindness. Sometimes you have to buy the ticket. You can’t win it if you aren’t in it!

Ok friends I feel the need to add this little disclaimer. This post is meant to be ridiculous. I take that back. I mean, it is meant to contain some truth but that truth is being conveyed along with a silly analogy. I mean really…  faith=lottery?


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