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Been thinkin’ about something lately. What am I good at? It occurred to me that I am good, or getting better, at the things I spend my time at. 

But I wasn’t really thinking about this in a positive light. I was thinking that myself and some other people I know practice useless things and then they (and myself) complain when we are not good at certain things. 

How can I complain about a lack of proficiency in education when, instead of reading and writing, I spend my time practicing television. Seriously. How many of us practice television? I am embarrassed to admit that I do. That leaves me with hours gone and no proficiency gained in ANYTHING.

Time spent online watching other people live, or shopping for things I cannot afford are 2 other things that steal my time that could be otherwise spent investing in a skill. My GF’s itouch robs my time to an incredible degree. I can sit for HOURS playing euchre on that. I would like to think that I am a better euchre player now but still…

In the last year I would have to say that honestly I have improved at:

itouch euchre

watching the sabres

critical research (thanks suny bport)

writing funny papers using a form that i call verbal diarrea. you spew it, arrange the chunks, and presto you have an A- paper! (thanks again bport and Metzger)

Watching people buy homes in other states and countries

Watching people make huge changes to their homes

Renting from Redbox


So… what are we practicing? What do we want to be good at?  

I want to be a good writer. Then write John.

I want to a good influence. Then get out and influence.

I want to be good at communicating. Talk and listen. Shut off the distractions.

I want to be way better at hockey. That requires skill and conditioning. Lot’s of opportunity for practice. Guitar? Drums? Teaching? Geez! How can I waste any time?!! I have so much to do!

What do you want and what are you doing to get there?


Posted June 14, 2011 by john b in philosofickle

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