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Interesting thought today. Ok well I think it is interesting.

I text a lot. I am fairly certain that most people text a lot. Texting is easy. All kinds of news comes and goes via text message. Yes, I know this is not profound but stay tuned…

So what really started to get to me was thinking about how I have waited for important news to be texted to me. Beep… The Sabres signed Regehr! Yeah to me that is life changing news :)~

Then I started thinking about the fact that no matter how big or small the news it all begins with a beep. The same beep.

That got me thinking about how impersonal and informal texting is–yet some people use it for the most significant of communication. How many people get their first I Love You in a text message? A break up? People say things via text that they can’t or rather won’t say in person. That is sad. How many people give and receive affection by text but won’t in person. I have been guilty of that.

But it all starts with a beep. Or a song, or series of beeps, or whatever! But it is not that same as an excited HEY! Or a tender look. Or red eyes that are swollen with tears from a hurt heart. Beep________.

Really it wasn’t a depressing thought. I just thought it was funny that no matter what words were contained in the text- they all are started with the simple same beep.



Posted July 2, 2011 by john b in philosofickle

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