The little xtras (Why I love Target)   Leave a comment

I went to Target today with Sarah. She loves Target and I was slowly starting to come around to that same love. It helped that they have sweet t-shirts, and awesome Archer Farms products like spinach&artichoke tortilla chips (pronounced tortilla). They sell the only candle that I love the scent… sandlewood. I love sandles and it is manly to chop wood. Bam and Bam= great manly candle.

What really sold me was the first time I had to use the bathroom in Target. And by use I mean the way that a guy USES THE BATHROOM. Understand? Let me back up. I have long had a hatred for my school. I go to SUNY Brockport. If you ever have to really go to the bathroom there (i.e. use the pooper) then bring your own tp. They provide tp that is most likely recycled aluminum foil. Do you want a clean fanny or a bleeding fanny? Not the dilemma I want while trying to get to my next class.

But Target… Oh Target you dear, dear store. You pay attention to the extras. Your bathroom welcomes me with cleanliness and a desire to please my tush. Your tp is nice. Not uber-plush lotion-infused toiletry opulence in a bathroom tissue, but nice. Above sufficient. I appreciate that. It was that last gesture that I received today that forever cut my tie to walmart. Notice the lower case w. You know, the place where you can find everything cheap and Chinese but then can’t get out of the store because 3 of the 42 lines are in operation.

Its the little xtras that make a business and a friend. Target, you are now my friend.




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