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you’re never gonna find more thoughtless people than those at a grocery store. the problem? distraction. being thoughtful requires attention. you have to be able to assess a situation quickly and determine the course of action that accommodates another.

In crowded/fast paced situations thoughtfulness requires quick thinking. The enemy is distraction. When you are in a grocery store you find yourself always looking for something. It is a highly involved situation. “Do I want pierogies? And what kind? Oh, there is a new kind. That might be good”. The whole time your cart is blocking the frozen pizzas and since you didn’t actually stop pushing it also would have made hip replacement necessary for the college age guy headed to the Ben and Jerry’s. Thankfully he was paying attention.

The worst is the cart coming out of an aisle. You got what you needed in aisle 4 so its on to aisle 6 for chips. You roll out like Ludacris and your cart becomes a weapon. Its like entering the highway and instead of slowing and checking for traffic and then merging somewhat sanely, you plunge your 200 pound shopping cart into the pedestrian freeway of people just needing 3 pounds of sour/fruity things–sheering off legs at the ankles and crushing hips.

I think carts should be pulled. That way you have to risk your own body. Yeah I am talking about you running over YOUR OWN ankles when you try to read the nutritional info on the Oreos without slowing down. No they don’t contain protein and if they did it wouldn’t matter–they are still bad for your body. And great for your soul. So great.

Heads up people. Play the game with your head up.


Posted July 23, 2011 by john b in Uncategorized

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