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“Have a good one!”, the young lady at the deli counter said as I was leaving with my diet coke and bag of mesquite bbq kettle chips. I always take notice when someone says “one”. Ones are so common in our speech. I wrote a blog about it once on FB. You can insert the word one any time you want, and in any circumstance. Everything and anything can be a one.

This got me thinking. And giggling. When I think and it causes me to giggle I usually blog. Or text Smitty.

“Have a good one”, she said. One what? I realized what she had done was given me a blank check. Wow. I wonder how many times I have been given the license to have a good one and didn’t use it. I can have a good whatever I want!

At this point I’m not sure what I’m going to use it on. Maybe a good workout later with Joe. She didn’t know I was working out with Joe later so she gave me a universal good that I can spend on my workout. I don’t need to use my good on the diet coke or the chips cuz they are great and wouldn’t be improved by “gooding” them. It’s like a gift card. She doesn’t know me (or joe for that matter) and she wanted to give me something, but it’s hard getting gifts for someone you don’t really know. But you are always safe giving a good.

I am starting to appreciate her gesture more and more. What a great gift!

Yep, I’m tired so I am going to go ahead and good my workout.


Posted July 26, 2011 by john b in Uncategorized

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