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I work at a gym. The YMCA Wellness Center to be exact. I named this post The Gym #1 because I am fairly certain there will be many more blogs regarding the gym and the weirdness within and around it.

No place in my world shows the 2 extreme ends that are dedication and sloth. There are many example but I will choose just a couple to share. There is a young man who is extremely dedicated to building his body. I would guess he is in his very early 20s. I see him almost every day lifting weights with great dedication. I also have to remind him almost every day to not park in the lot where the elderly people and the moms with kids need to park to be near the door. Yes this guy will work out daily but will not walk 100 feet to the door.

There is a gentleman that I would place in his 50s that plays raquetball daily for hours. Also must park right at the door instead of across the street.

Let me pause to remind you– they are at the gym to EXERCISE! Exercise is movement, sometimes with resistance.

People get done with 45 minutes of fanny-frying butt-burning fat-flattening cardio exercise, pick up the cleaning bottle and rag from the floor, clean the machine off, then place the bottle on top of the machine because they don’t want the bother of bending over slightly to put it back where it was taken from–on the floor.

I see huge guys that pick up the 100 lb dumbells from the rack but leave them on the floor because they don’t want to put them back on the rack. Really? REALLY?!

Some days it is the best job. I get to train with young athletes that are just trying to make the squad this fall. I get to come up with new ways for people to improve their mobility as they age. I get to infuse some self esteem into young guys and girls that are critiqued by their peers (and parents sometimes) daily.

But some days…  some days I loathe the people I see that just take and take and then leave refuse for someone else to pick up, or they do their thing and force everyone else to work around them. Let the elderly people walk farther. Let the mom with 3 kids in the car have to bundle them all up and walk them across the intersection.

Lots of extremes at this place.


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