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Ugh. I think I have made that sound a hundred times in the last 2 hours. I semi-destroyed my lower back working out Thursday. I didn’t warm up before a certain exercise. What? Yes, Yes I am a trainer. Why do you ask? Known better? Yeah well you… shut up. Ugh.

But here I am at the gym working. Pretty much useless though.

It happens. I’m getting older. The thing is I don’t get hurt as much now as I used to when I was younger. I am usually pretty careful but this time I was a little too exuberant.

On another note…

There are 2 typing mistakes that I make often but I have become fond of them. Beofre and Thnaks. Beofre sounds like a really old Anglo-Saxon name. Beofre the Mighty–slayer of enraged oxen and large conifers! Just in case you didn’t figure it out- the two words are before and thanks.

Thnaks is somewhat hard for me to pronounce. I always seem to want to say it like a “special” person. Thnakth. Like; “Hi Thteven leth haf thum delishuth thnaks!”

It’s my own fault though cuz that voice is always going through my head.

Anyway I am chair-bound due to this pain in my back so why not blog? Someone please get outside and do something mobile for me!



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