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There are a couple of things that need addressing in regards to Chinese food.

1) How can someone not like Chinese food? There are so many things you can have that don’t taste the same. It’s like saying that you don’t like American food. Granted some items are similar; sauces and seasonings etc. But to write off the whole ethnicity?

In Batavia NY we have 2 great places: Panda and the Peking Buffet. At the Buffet they have this brown sauce in a square plastic container inconspicuously placed near the pork dumplings. It has become known as awesome sauce. Actually, it was probably always know as such. My buddies and I used to use that title loosely in regards to a variety of applications, but when I had this amazing, brown stuff I knew this was where the title originated and was meant to stay.In fact, after trying the Awesome Sauce you will certainly be more frugal with your use of the word “awesome” in the future.

2) How can anyone become fat on Chinese food? It acts like a culinary ram-rod. In goes the General Tso’s, wait 30 minutes, and out goes everything. It’s like those brownies people make with laxative in them as a gag. I bet you can have as many brownies as you want and you will not suffer weight gain. I would venture a guess that including a daily dose of Chinese into your diet would encourage weight loss. Or even “No-wait loss”. Get it? Sorry, I am still recovering.

Ok time to go. I think that a nap and a large helping of Shark Week is in order.



Posted July 31, 2011 by john b in Uncategorized

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