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At first I was thinking the silly request would just kinda disappear after a while. After all it is unreasonable for one older lady to ask for me to hang a speaker behind the one machine that she likes to use. Ok, let me back up…

At the gym that I work at we have speakers on the wall by the weights, but not by the cardio machines (treadmills, ellipticles, bikes… etc). The reason? Most people have headphones that they plug into the tvs on the machines or into ipod/mp3 players. Not this woman. She positively would not be made subject to technology. So… she made me subject to her unreasonable demand. “Please hang a speaker on the wall behind the ellipticle machine for me”. Huh? You want me to run 110 feet of speaker wire just for one speaker for you instead of you purchasing $5 headphones? Yeah right. I mean c’mon, she must have a walkman or something at home. Probably in a fanny pack.

Weeks later she marched into the CEO’s office and declared that she would be cancelling her membership unless a speaker was hung. That day I spent 3 hours running wire and hanging a speaker. At this point I hated her. I wanted old age to claim her so that I could exchange the speaker for a piece of wood that would read “In loathing memory of the crusty woman”. I know that is very harsh but after 3 hours I was not happy. Well crisis was averted and she got her speaker.

1 week later…

A nice older woman (notice a pattern?) took me aside and asked for me to shut the speaker off that was behind the ellipticle machine she likes to use. You see– she said that the music drove her crazy. “That music isn’t even music”, she said. “It doesn’t have… rhythm.”

Huh? It doesn’t? I’m sorry what? I don’t speak old. Yet.

At this point she was no longer a “nice” older lady. Thankfully I had hooked the speaker up so that it could easily be shut off. So now the drill is that the employees have to turn it off (or on) depending on which lady is here. I pray every day for them both to show up at the same time so that I can introduce them to each other and encourage them to fight it out. My hope is that one or both would not survive the encounter.

The bitterness in my soul is slowly subsiding. I will be alright.



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