Why yes, these fangles ARE new!   Leave a comment

In fact, I like to get new fangles every 12-18 months. They wear out somewhat quickly and I certainly do not want to be seen with old fangles.

Ok yeah that’s just silly. And what the heck are fangles? I was talking with my friend Justin last night while walking around Darien Lake Theme Park. He commented that they always have some new-fangled thing every year. I realized then that I had said the same thing many times and heard it many more times, and had no idea what fangles are.

How do I even know if something is fangled? Much less newly fangled. Well after discussing our lack of knowledge pertaining to fangles and then indulging in a short exchange on our fashionable new fangles, I decided I had to blog about it.

Let me tell you that after a little research it is much more enjoyable to be ignorant on the subject of fangles. You see, the dictionary simply says that something fangled is fashionable/foolish. They even used the word foppish. Man do I like that word foppish. It is a word that provides visual description and yet it also kind of makes a sound. Like the word flop.When you think of something flopping you might think of a broadway show doing poorly or you might think of a fish on dry land or you might think of a pancake missing your plate and hitting the floor with a certain sound. Flop. Like a plop but not quite as distinct.

Foppish. Foolish/Floppy? I dunno!

Anyway… new-fangled is mostly derogatory and means something new, a contrivance that is silly. I happen to want to think of new-fangled as meaning something that was adorned with freshly made/purchased fangles. The very latest. Highly fashionable and worthy of envy.

So yes, I purchase new fangles every 12-18 months.



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