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Part of today’s blog is taken from a note I wrote on my facebook page a little while back. The rest of it is freshly made today!

It’s time. I simply must say what I have been thinking for some time. Businesses should consult people in marketing before they name their company. Seriously. Spend a few bucks or at least talk to a few people. OR even just get someone to help you use your company’s stupid name to draw attention to it (in a positive way).At very least write down some possible names and let some random people decide.

First of all, be extra attentive to the name of the city you live in before naming your business. Buffalo Shrink Wrapping? Seriously? Isn’t there a better way to ship a Buffalo rather than shrink wrapping it? Do you at least poke a few holes in the wrapping so the poor beast can breathe? Those animals represent our city! For Pete’s sake show some respect! 

And speaking of respect… Buffalo Exterminators??! How much business can this company have? Do you reeeeally have a Buffalo problem and is extermination the best answer? I’m not so sure.

High Voltage Tattoo. Um.. If I made a list of the names to avoid (assuming I were to open a tattoo application business) I would avoid names that imply or otherwise SCREAM potential health risk. Doesn’t one apply the ink with an electrified needle? The title “high voltage” is only one or two places ahead of “The Dirty Needle” on the list of tattoo shop no-no names. Also above “Permanent Regret”. Why not approach your title from a positive stance instead of a dangerous one? Living Art, Incredible Ink… whatever. Tattoo places do have some of the best names. And by best I mean entertaining.

Lastly…  Extreme. What is the deal with people starting their business name with Extreme?

Obviously some lines of work can bear the label extreme. Like Extreme Graphix! It is reasonable to assume that some people might want extreme graphics. And this company backs up their extreme label by using an x in “Graphics”. Now it becomes Graphix = extreme. Not quite as extreme as Grafix  but it’s important that potential clients are confident that you can spell.

Some lines of work definitely should not be labeled as extreme. Not only does it sound like you polled your son’s 6th grade class for possible names, but it also might undercut your attempt at positive advertising. Believe me I am not going to hire extreme anything when it comes to people that are supposed to FIX things. Extreme carpentry? No. How is your work extreme? Extreme plumbing? Not a chance. Unless… you fix things in extreme locations. Like maybe Extreme Carpentry only fixes houses or other wooden structures that are precariously constructed on cliffs or on stilts over raging rapids. If your house is built over raging rapids then I suppose you have need of both extreme carpentry and plumbing.

Other extreme business I have found:

Extreme Tanning. Um tanning that is too dark is nasty and too much of it can kill you so do you really think “extreme” is appropriate?

Extreme Automotive. Perfect. The next time the sun roof in my jet fuel powered drag car breaks I will certainly call them. That’s unfair though. Maybe they fix the car while you are driving. THAT is extreme automotive care. 

Sorry this one was so long! Extreme Blog is done.



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