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have you ever been told that “it’s none of your business”? it has been on rare occurrences in my own life. probably because i tend to not listen to gossip or the latest news because i really don’t care.

sometimes i should care but i don’t. that’s when i get into trouble. almost daily i have to remind myself to pay closer attention to what is being said. i tend to be in my own head a lot.

but… on 2 occasions i was told it’s none of your business. 

i have to admit that it burned a little. actually it burned a lot. there is no way to misunderstand that statement, and it is not a mild statement at all. it is a bold, poignant statement. i wasn’t prying; i was being a little bit naive, but i was not trying to gain access to sensitive materials. in fact, i was trying to help and that is why it probably is coming out in a blog.

the first time… a loooong time ago. my gf at the time complained that we didn’t spend much time together. this complaint was altogether false but we will discuss that some other time. at any rate, i decided to take a day off of work to have some QT. i asked a coworker how our boss paid him–hourly or salary. i figured if he wanted extra hours and would profit from them then i would offer them to him first. his response? INOYB. zing.

what’s wrong with, “why do you ask?”, or “i usually don’t discuss that, is there a reason you ask?”

my bad. it’s funny to admit but it really stung.

#2- actually before i tell you the second time i feel the need to confess. i was just about to type this next section and a kind of embarassing thing happened. when i am working at the YMCA i tend to call people “chief”. not sure why. i think it started with my then-boss Holly. she is very small and athletic and i thought it was respectful and kinda funny to address her as Chief. well i just called a member “chief”. he is native american. i didn’t think of that before it came out. does anyone else taste shoe besides me? no?

ok on to #2. a guy that i had known for a few years had been coming in to my place of employment for years and he also goes to my church. he always talked to me at length and picked my brain about guitars and such. so one day he walks in the store and up to me at the counter and gives a long sigh accompanied by a dejected look. i said “you ok?”, and he said no. we talked but he didn’t give any specific info, just that he was having a real hard time. lots of sideways glances and sighing.

i never know what to do in these situations. do i keep my distance and eventually he/she will spill at their own leisure, or do i act as a concerned friend and ask? i get afraid that if i don’t ask then i will come off as uncaring.

i asked, “is it home stuff”? his reply? N.O.Y.B. zing. once again i was meaning well and got the shove off. the ol’ “get your nose outta my stuff yo”.

so… if i don’t pry for info when you are obviously burdened with some issue–it’s cuz i was burned before. i’m a friend with baggage. except that i blog my business:)



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