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I had to eat but wasn’t really in the mood for an actual meal. The result? One slice of bread and a “healthy” glob of peanut butter. Not a blob. Glob. Big difference. Blobs are nasty. Horror movies are made about blobs. Globs are delicious. Unless they are globs of hair product or grease. Well globs can be delicious. Blobs are never delicious.

But I digest. I mean digress.

You know those scenes in movies when something happens and the character is transported somewhere very fast? Everything around blurs and there is a whooshing sound. If you have seen Harry Potter movies then you know what I am speaking of. Anyway thats what happened when I took the first bite.

You see–I haven’t had a pb samwich in quite some time. I bit in and WHOOSH. I was a kid. Memories flooded in and… ok ok I know what you are thinking; “Geez John that must have been some serious whooshing cuz you are OLD”. Shut it or I will pb that sucker shut.

Random thoughts of a young, fat, pb luvin’, lego building, sandbox playing, hulk tshirt sporting, dirtbike wishing young dude. Tree house. Paper route. Commodore 64 computer. Radio controlled cars. Lincoln Logs. Battle Ship. Silly Putty. G.I.Joes. Starwars. Ben Burch, Chris Farmer and the Bentley Bros. Dreams of the NBA. Stiff jeans bought in the husky section. Tall white tube socks with red stripes around the top. White Keds, and red Roos.

Ok I am back. The sandwich is et and it’s almost fall on memory lane. Done with then and back to now.



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