I’m Smelling Sand Hanitizer and Pow Coop!   Leave a comment

Ever take a bite of something, or a sip, and just as it is entering your mouth–you get a whiff of something pungent? I hate that. It happens every so often but lately it has happened a bit. Hence the blog. Hence. Funny word. Anyways…

The drinking fountain at my work (the gym) is the worst for me. ok I take that back, it’s not the worst but it is up there.

I hate coffee. I like the smell of ground coffee beans but coffee in liquid form is repugnant to me. Especially with creamer added. Black=gross, Light brown=dry heaves. I walked past the drinking fountain and went for a sip. I put mouth face down to get the water and was met with the overwhelming stench of the coffee that someone had just poured out into the fountain. I was endulging in the most flavorless yet refreshing thing but was slapped in the face with a yuckfest of nausea-inducing blech stench.

Just today I went for another drink, and apparently someone put on too much hand sanitizer then rinsed it off into the drinking fountain. It burned my nostrils.

But the worst…

Driving to work and eating oatmeal with cinnamon on it. For those of you that live in the country- have you ever seen those big tanker trucks that carry liquified cow poop? The back of the tank is usually smeared with brown stuck-on remains of the drippings. I drove past one of those that was driving through a field slinging soupy stool all over the place. The wind was blowing towards me, so with one hand on the wheel and one hand spooning brown oatmeal into my mouth…

Needless to say that bite was ruined. I knew it was oatmeal and was yummy (or used to be) but my nose told me it wasn’t. My nose was screaming, “ABORT! ABORT! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD IN THIS WORLD PLEASE DO NOT EAT THAT!” I ate it. It was the last time I ate oatmeal. I will eat it again, but it might be a little while. I’m tellin ya… the stench was so profound that I swear my teeth were gritty feeling after I breathed that liquified cow-loaf laden air.



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