Hot, Cold, HOT, COLD. hotcoldhotcoldhotcold!   1 comment

So there I was. Just finished using the bathroom, and like any decent cootie-covered guy I needed to wash my hands.

What to do? Hot water, or cold water? Apparently I can’t have both. I am so accustomed to both! It’s like ordering a sub and having the person taking your order say, “Do you want lettuce, or tomatoes, or onions”? Whaaaaaa? I want them all! But you can’t have them all John, you only get one. Hot or cold bud; what’ll it be?

I turned them both on and moved my hands quickly back and forth from one to the other.


Posted August 13, 2011 by john b in oh ssstop

One response to “Hot, Cold, HOT, COLD. hotcoldhotcoldhotcold!

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  1. JB-I read this the other day and it made me giggle, as your blogs often do. Later that week, I was out to a movie with my hubby at the Hamburg Palace Theater (where Dave Barnes works) and lo and behold, I found that same sink situation. In my case, the left turny handle was labeled “COLD” and the right just “C.” First, I thought of you, then, I turned both on to investigate because it would be silly if both were cold. Indeed, they were mislabeled. The one on the left should have been labeled SCALDING HOT and the right ICE COLD. There was no happy medium, so I decided to go with the burn, freeze, burn, freeze method.

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