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So I decided that I am going to keep a blog going about this year’s hockey season. I play Monday nights with a group of awesome people and I think it might be fun to chronicle my season and growth I go through as a player and a person.

A couple of things happened last year that got me really thinking and so I want to keep track via a blog to see if any of it becomes entertaining and maybe a bit thought provoking.

One thing I realized is that my competitive nature makes me a jerk. Or, I allow my nature to make me a jerk. For instance–I don’t have the same amount of patience for other players of lesser skill that was shown to me by better players when I started out. I feel really bad about that. Most of the guys that skate in Batavia have helped me tremendously and have been very supportive of me. If they haven’t been then they have kept that to themselves and been nice to me.

I tend to pick something to be interested in and then obsess over it. I live it. I started playing hockey 3 seasons ago. I am 36 now so I started skating at the age of 33. That is old to begin skating. Because of that late start in life I feel like I have a lot of ground to make up. I am very dedicated to reaching both my skill potential and my athletic potential. At times I have little patience for people that have been playing at least as long and have shown no improvement. That is wrong of me. Who am I to judge them? Maybe they just play for the fun of it. Maybe they don’t keep track of their own errors and obsess about them and then work on them like I do. It doesn’t matter really.

So that is one part of my hockey life. The other is that I am trying to get into the Batavia Men’s Hockey League (BMHL) and I want to keep track of that story.

A couple of people deserve great attention and thanks from me. Joe Mahler and Fitzy have been awesome to me. They both have helped me tremendously. Joe is always around to consult and to coach me, and I pester him constantly about hockey. Joe is the most tenacious guy I know. He loves being the underdog and is the best all around player I know. He is incredibly patient with the puck, and with me. Fitzy has the best wrist-shot I have ever seen.  When I grow up I want a shot like his.

So that is an overview of whats to come. Next stop is the first night of pick-up hockey this Thursday, then we have a BMHL rating skate Wed Sept 7. That’s where they watch us play and rate our skill A-line 1-4 and B-line 1-4. A1 is best and B4 is worst. I am hoping for B2.



Posted August 23, 2011 by john b in hockey

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