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Before you read this blog it is a suggested prerequisite that you watch at least 2 zombie films. My favs are Zombieland and 28 days(?). I am not sure if that is the right one. It either is, or 28 days is a film starring Sandra Bullock and is about rehab. The one I mean is starring the guy from RedEye and Dark Knight. I can NEVER remember his name. Oh also you can watch the series (Ithink its on TNT or TBS) I think its called The Walking Dead. Ok back to Zombies…

So assuming you have  familiarized yourself with the Zombie Apocalypse idea we can proceed. I would first like to thank Alan Worthington for the idea. The idea is to take the top 7 friends shown on your facebook profile and they are, by default, your Zombie Apocalypse Team. They are listed on the left side of your profile. The list rotates by itself, well at least mine does. So the list might not be the same each time you log in. Anyway… They have specific roles that I will expalin. Expalin? I didn’t mean to type that. I was going for explain. Is an expalin like one of the palins that defects? I am going to stay away from political stuff here so let us just leave that alone. OK, here we go…

 1 – Sidekick. This one I like very much. My first friend listed is Sarah cuz I am in a relationship with her and I would very much like to have her as my sidekick. If Sarah is my number one then Andie Wahls is my #7. But we will get to that.

2 – Heavy Weapons. Rand Fisher. I am so pumped to have him as my Heavy Weapons man. The reaso? Cuz Rand has heavy weapons. And loves them. And is more than capable of shooting zombies accurately. Even people that are slightly zombies. And zombie pets. And grumpy people. “Dude, I swear I thought he was a zombie”! “Rand, he was hungry”. The problem is that I also need a sniper and I would like Rand for that too but hey I don’t make the rules.

3 – The only one that survives. Joann Hayes. This is strangely appropriate. I believe this would be true.

4 – Sniper. Ryan Clark. Ok that makes me happy. I trust Ryan to be a good sniper, and have my back, and wash my back.  

5 – The One That Loses It. David Tran. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa. Whew! Sorry that is funny. Dave is a sweet guy that helped me learn to skate backwards. He is a ninja and does nails. He also is a stud fireman.

6 – The Brains. Anthony Hoisington. I had glanced over at the list beofre I started this and wondered where Anth would end up. I feel like this is a good choice. I think Anth can get into the head of a zombie. He can think like one, plan like one, eat like one, and then Rand would shoot him like one.

7 – And here we are at #7. The First To Die. Andie Wahls. I don’t know what to say about this one. I am wondering why she would get picked off first. She has a loud laugh. Maybe we would be sneaking past some zombies and she would laugh and then we would be chased and Joann Hayes would trip her. Probably.

So there you have it! Thats my Zombie Apocalypse team! I feel good about this crew. I have my love as my sidekick and the rest of them are awesome peeps to be runnin with!


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  1. lol this is pretty awesome….aside from the fact that I’m the first to die haha

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