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I went on break from the YMCA about an hour ago, stopped at Southside Deli for a little bag of bbq Dirty Chips and a beverage, and headed over to the ice rink. I sat in my car and listened to WGR550 sports radio to hopefully catch a little talk about the Sabres. After a few mins of chipping and sipping I went into the rink to ask about some stuff.

I came outside and as I was getting into my car I heard a loud “HEY”. It was a little guy walking towards me. I have seen him around town; always walking. He had one hand in his pocket as he approached. This made me a tad bit nervous. Not really nervous though, lets just say I was wary. I watched his hand and actually started thinking about what I would do if he pulled something grumpy out of his pocket. Let me explain a little…

There are many guys who walk around batavia. They are crazy. Seriously. Most of them get checks from the government and spend it on scratch-off tickets and beer. This guy was walking toward me from the direction of a less than stellar bar. And as he approached he said, “I’m not crazy”. Sane people rarely use that statement. This guy must have been told that he is crazy to think he had to make sure I knew he wasn’t. 

Well he wanted a ride to Batavia Downs Casino. I like to give people rides when I can. I have been blessed to have a car and many people don’t.

In the first 30 seconds of our drive from the rink to the Downs he divulged that he was not crazy, that he was a compulsive gambler, that he is crazy, that he was a drunk and had spent the day at the bar, that he was bulimic, and that he occassionally did drugs. At which point I asked if it was really a good idea that I was taking him to the casino.

So we talked. Or rather he talked. Non-stop. And he yelled out the window at a man walking. He yelled, “Hey don’t kiss him, he just blew me!” Then he laughed really loudly. And then mocked the guy for being white with white hair. At which point I wanted to say, “Well isn’t that the pot-smoker calling the kettle white”. I didn’t though.

We talked about the Buffalo Bills and how he was just in amazement that I don’t gamble. But then I said that I like playing poker occassionally. He then stated that he would rather spend his last 5 bucks on gambling instead of eating. He said that he was a hustler–that he made money by rooting through garbages for lottery tickets and checking them, and by asking for money lends and then not paying it back. Then he stated that he wasn’t a bad guy. To which I replied, “Yeah it sounds like you’re a bad guy”. He kinda laughed.

I was amazed at how comfortable he was. He just jumped into my car and crossed his legs and started talking.

When he said he was crazy I asked how long he had been crazy. Did he have a job before? Did something happen that made him snap? He said yes. 30 years earlier he had married a girl and she ended up leaving him and marrying his best man. I didn’t know whether to believe that or not so I asked what his best man’s name was. He said he didn’t remember. AHA! You don’t remember your best man’s name? His reply was, “If your lady left you for your friend would you want to remember it or forget it”? He was right. I was speechless. I would want to forget it all. So did he.

He is a really small guy. His front teeth are missing and if you forget that he reminds you every time he produces that huge laugh.

Now I am torn. I gave a guy a ride so I thought I was doing something good. But I took a compulsive gambler, drinker, shoutoutthewindower, drug user to the casino where he could further his lifestyle. But I got this blog out of it. Win/maybe win.


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