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This is how I cope. I am so sore today. Thursday night was the first pickup hockey skate of the year for me. We played for over an hour with pretty much no subs. Yesterday (Friday) I started my I.V. drip of NOS. I wasn’t that sore yesterday. Tired yes, but not in pain. That all changed overnight. Now it is Saturday and now I am in pain. Lots of pain.

I work out. I train hard. It is a reasonable question when Sarah wonders why I am “getting my legs back” when I have been training them all summer. The answer is that though I keep them strong and fast, I can’t help the muscle that are skating-specific. Like all the muscles surrounding my private parts. We use these a lot when skating. Apparently I don’t work my groin that hard in the off season. Today I feel like I started a new job yesterday that requires that I crush coconuts between my legs all day.

But NOS you are my friend. You are tasty and packed with caffeine. Really I doubt that it helps at all but the day after a hard workout I am usually hungry and lethargic. The NOS helps the lethargy.

Oh and if you are wondering how I did Thursday night–I was ok. Better than I expected. Just gotta keep working on my feet. They are sloppy in the beginning. Gonna skate again next Thurs and then the following Wednesday (7th) is my Men’s League Evaluation Skate.



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