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You know how sometimes you are awakened in the am and you were in the middle of a dream? That was me this morning. I feel that it is worth telling. It was short but memorable.

I was in my bank. There is a circular high-counter in the middle of the room. This is where one might fill out their deposit slip or perform other activities requiring a little bit of countertop and a writing utensil.

In my dream I was using that round counter to help a large rodent open a checking account. I am not sure how I was convinced, but at some specific point I was told that I should open an account for him and it seemed logical. I faintly remember that there were other rodents that held accounts at that bank so it seemed appropriate that my friend have one as well. So, I carried him to the counter and asked him for his account number. Yes I know that I said he was opening an account but for some reason, in this dream, it was correct to ask him for the number. I was wakened during the process of getting it from him. We had tried a simple “I ask and he tells” method but that was silly because rodents don’t speak. When I asked he gave me a look of condescending.

So we moved on to other methods. We were going with blinks when I was interrupted. I said, “first number?” and he didn’t blink which obviously meant it was a zero. I asked, “2nd number? and he didn’t blink so I knew that also was a zero. When I asked for the 3rd number he blinked 5 times so I said “five” and he nodded.

Day light. Dream over.

I felt good because I knew that not many people would have helped him. I will be honest–when I was holding him I did worry a little about him biting me but that would have been obviously counter-productive to his predicament. Confession: I typed bighting, and then corrected myself.

It was one of those feel-good dreams. You wake up in a great mood. It feels good to help those in need.



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