The Brave Turkey Vulture   1 comment

Have you ever seen turkey vultures? They are usually in groups of at least 2 or 3. They are huge, and from a distance they look like wild turkeys, but up close you can see that they are nasty, ugly vulture-birds. They eat dead animals.

I was driving on Bank St. Road heading into Batavia. I came around the big S-curve, up the hill and round the bend when I saw at least 6 of the ugly things in the road. A fox had been hit and killed on the road a couple of days ago. Apparently word had spread among the buzzards that there was a buffet being served to all who wanted it. A couple of the birds were in the road and a few were just off to the side on the other side of the line, almost on the shoulder.

All of the birds took off. Except one. This one didn’t move. It was just far enough to the side to be out of the way of my car, but extremely close. It was close enough that it surprised me that it didn’t move.

Why didn’t it move? Why did it stay on the side and risk it’s life?

Maybe it wanted to prove something. He was sick of the other TBs talking down at him. If he didn’t move things would be different. They would see that he was brave. Inside he was sick with fear but he stayed. It probably didn’t help his stomach that he just ate the fox’s face. Partially he was frozen with fear but partially he wanted to be braver than the rest. They would respect him then. They would talk nicer to him and include him.

Maybe he had been there before. There was that time he had been on the side of the road eating and was busy pulling at a piece of carrion. He didn’t see the car til the last second. By that time it was too late. The car whizzed by narrowly missing him. The wind almost knocked him off his feet but he stayed up. That it was a close call. This time he figured the car passing would do just that–it would pass by. While everyone else scattered and then tried to get back in the meal–he would stay and have his choice of the parts. He wouldn’t have to eat any more faces. There is hardly any meat on a face. It’s like eating a rabbit’s ankle.

I dunno.


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  1. This is great bro, great.

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