So, A Blind Man Walks In To A Bar…   Leave a comment

Get it? Yeah I know–it isn’t funny. Who can laugh at a blind person. I used to though. There is one that I know who has the craziest way of talking. Truly peculiar. I would never mock someone for a disability but I did use to dump salt into his food when he wasn’t looking. You would be surprised how many times I caught him not looking. I would never do that. Ever.

To make matters worse–he had diabetes. The bad kind. The kind that eats away at your feet. He would come to the place I work at and tune pianos for us. My boss would always send me to get food for him. His choice of food? A salad with fries and a milkshake. This made me laugh. Not at him though. I was laughing with him.

It got me thinking though. If I was blind, and had diabetes that was slowly taking my feet, I would eat whatever the heck I wanted.

This made me think about an older man I saw in a wheelchair at the ballgame. He had an oxygen tank with tubes going up his nostrils, and he was smoking. Again, my first instinct was to think, “what the heck dude? really? are you that stupid?” My next thought was, “go for it man. why go through the pains of withdrawel now? just enjoy that.”

Somewhat related and somewhat not..

Sometimes my first instinct is good. My response or reply is soft. Most of the time it isn’t. I usually have to sort it out in my head and decide to be better than what I would naturally be. I wish it weren’t so. I would love to naturally kind, and forgiving, and gentle, and uplifting/encouraging. I am quite often, but it is after a decision to be so.



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