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So I was wrong in my last blog. The Men’s League evaluation skate was this past Friday (2nd).

It was fun! It helped that I did it last year. Last year I was so nervous. This year I just had a ton of fun. I played defense a lot, blocked shots, broke my stick, blocked Joe, blocked Joe again, had a sweet skate up the ice around the other team only to make my wing man go offsides thus negating all my efforts, and just had an all around good time.

It doesn’t really matter. The eval skate is just to rank the league prospects so they know what level you are. Last year it was a point of pride for me. This year it was also a bit of pride but more so it was me trying to be better than all my friends that were also trying out. Let me explain…

We all submitted our paperwork to get into the league on the same day, at the same time. The league then drew numbers from a box to determine who’s application was to be processed first. Bobby’s paperwork was first so if he gets ranked as a B3 level skater then when they need another B3 level skater in the league he will enter the league. I thought that maybe Jake, Bobby, and Dan would all get ranked about the same. I wanted to be one rank above them so that I wouldn’t be behind them all if any openings came up. Also…

Of the guys I mentioned above only Jake trained this past summer. Jake works out with me and also with me and Joe sometimes. We lift weights and flip tractor tires and sprint up hills and compliment each others fannys. But to my knowledge, no one I know gets up in the morning and goes outside and shoots a hundred pucks at a mattress, or brings his hockey stick to work and works on stick handling drills in the gym, or rode his bike to and from work to get his legs ready. I figured all that makes me deserve a higher ranking. So yeah, I guess it is a pride thing.

The funny thing is this–if any of us were to be ranked below what we should be then it would ultimately work out better in the long run. You see, every team is made up of a B1 B2 B3 B4 and 2 defense men. So if I got ranked as a B3 then I am guaranteed to have 2 other guys on my team that are at least as good and probably better than me. That makes us a strong team.

I ended up playing defense a bunch at the eval skate so maybe I will be a D-man. We will see!

I kinda laughed at a few of the guys we played against. They put all of the league prospects on one team and the other team was made up of guys already in the league. A few of them played like they thought they were something special. I hear from friends that many of the guys in the league take it as a point of pride and treat newcomers as rookies that haven’t paid their dues. The thing is, everybody pays the same amount and the only thing that got them into the league was coincidental timing. They aren’t even any better than us. One guy on the mens league team kept throwing his shoulder into me when he skated by. I had to laugh. He has been in the league for years now and I have been skating for only 3 years total. I am definitely better. Besides that if we were to bump shoulders away from the ice he would turn and run. I can’t name names but his name rhymes with Pale Mice. And both his first and last name are also foods.

Wow look at me being all tough guy. Must be the excess testosterone still running through my bod after Friday night warfare.

So just waiting to hear from the league! Worst case scenario: they put me on a sub list in case someone gets injured and they refund my application fee. I then get to buy a new stick to replace the one I broke.


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