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Before I get into the meat of this blog I want to first point out that the CanJam team of my girlfriend Sarah and myself is unstoppable. We would be happy to play any team that wants to face us. Provided you do not cry when you lose, and we get to take your frisbee as our trophy.

Secondly… This past weekend I was on the front page of the Batavia Daily News newspaper. Let me just tell you, what a whirlwind life has become due to my heightened celebrity status. With all of the flood of texts and emails I have been swamped! I think I had no less than 5 texts about it! And signings! I had to sign newspapers like you wouldn’t believe. Ok, I had to sign Smitty’s copy.

The article was in regards to the YMCA–where I am employed. When I got to work Friday (the day the paper came out- but not like the way a young man comes out) the first comment I received was, “Nice picture!” This was immediately followed by the second; “Why didn’t you smile? You look so serious.” My reply was, “Well first of all–do YOU smile when you get your picture taken by the newspaper and they post it on the front page? Seriously, how do YOU like to pose for all of your front-page appearances?” Geez–criticism immediately. Haters everywhere. Gotta try to knock me off my 15 seconds of pedestal time.

I didn’t really say that. At that time my ego was still in check. But really I had no idea my pic was going to be taken and I was told nothing other than to sit on a workout machine and look like I was working out. I didn’t know if I was supposed to lift the weight and hold it, or if I was going to have to keep lifting it while Mr. Gigantic Camera got just the right shot. So I chose a VERY light weight in case I was going to have to rep it a hundred times. And I didn’t smile. Why? Cuz I was keepin’ it real. We don’t smile when we lift weights. That and I was nervous. “Um, Mr. Camera Man? Yeah, would you please shoot me from the right side? You see, I have a large pimple on the left side of my neck. What’s that? Photo Shop? Oh, ok, go ahead then.”

Stay tuned for my reality show and new book!


Posted September 6, 2011 by john b in oh ssstop

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