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Hello! Long time no write! Sorry ’bout that. Back to school now so time is short and stress is long.

So I rarely listen to pop radio but the other morning I was flippin stations and came across a local station that was playing a catchy tune. Turns out it was Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass. What a cool tune! I listened for a bit and then went about my day.

A couple of days later I heard it again and this time I was able to actually pick out the lyrics. Oh dear.

That song raises a question in my mind. And the answer to that question leads to other questions. Here it is: When the guy gives her “that look” and her pants come off, is it because of her pants? Or, is it because of his look.

If it is because of the kind of pants she is wearing then it is reasonable to assume that she might have to be careful where she might wear those pants, and is he going to be there at some point? I mean, maybe she wears those pants at home cuz they are awesomely soft and fuzzy like the belly of a baby seal, but what if she just happens to make a quick run to the corner store for ice cream? Man I hope she doesn’t run into him. You don’t get service when you don’t wear pants and I would hate to have her not be able to get her ice cream because her pants fell off.

The second possibility:

If it is his look. What powers he has!

“Well, hello there.”… *the look*… BAM! … No pants.

The movie Spider Man comes to mind. Remember what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker (Peter is Spider Man. I hope you knew that), “With great power comes great responsibility.”

If I had this guy’s power you can believe that I would be careful. That look isn’t for every situation but you can bet I would pull it out often. Just think about it! How many situations have you been in or are in daily that you could use that power? Tons! Making someone’s pants fall off is so useful! After a few weeks my buddies would all be wearing suspenders. After a month they would wear nothing but ones-ies. “Smitty, you wanna go to Center Street to watch the game?” “Heck no! Last time you blew my pants off every time we scored.” “Yeah, yeah I did. Sorry. Stafford got a hat-trick but I prefer to think of it as a pants trick.”

So yeah. Interesting song. I hope she puts that guy in a video some day just so I can see his look in action.


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