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Learn To Enjoy The Process   Leave a comment

September is the month in which we (my friends) and I start playing hockey again. All summer I have been working out, practicing stick handling, and shooting pucks against a mattress on my back patio. Now is when it gets put into practice. Which is a funny thing to say because I was practicing, but now I put that practice into practice. Welcome to the English language.

I always have such huge expectations. And those lead to disappointment. The thing is–you don’t get better when you practice away from the ice. I mean, you do but not really. You work on the parts, but when it’s time to play the only way you get better at all of the sum of the parts is to just play. So I come into the new season expecting great things and then get frustrated quickly.

The mentality that I need to keep in mind is that I prepared and am ready for the learning process. I did my studying/reading, now it is time to come to the classroom and join the discussion.

I am excited. I picked up where I left off last year and now only about 3 weeks into the season I have improved. The best way is to target weaknesses. Every time I play I try to focus on something. The first season I just wanted to be able to stop. Stopping is important. That first season I am sure that I ticked many people off when I would run into them. I ran into a lot of people.

New mentality is to play and then analyze my game. I will pick out 2 things that I did well and 2 things that I need to improve.

I tried this out on my buddy the other night. My friends think he is a pain in the butt. Every time we play he always tries to get affirmation. “How was I?” “How am I playing man?” “Did you see me? I was setting guys up really well. I play really hard out there.” I heard all of these in the course of 1-2 minutes while driving him home the other night. So I told him how I was going to be picking out things I did well and things that I need to improve. He immediately went for the things he thought he did well and avoided the “Needs Improvement” section of the conversation. We could get into a huge psychoanalysis of him but that is for another time.

This Monday night we start Monday Night Hockey. It is a tradition in Batavia. I was fortunate enough to be invited 3 years ago. This begins my 4th season skating Monday nights. I’m so pumped for it! Stay tuned…




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A Gluten for Punishment   2 comments

So, if you recall, I mentioned that the Y gives out samples of products and the employees are great consumers of consumable products.

These little crackers are the latest sample that we are giving away.

These crackers have taught me something; apparently I love gluten. If you look at the front labeling you will see that these crackers are gluten-free. The label should also read, “Do not inhale prior to consuming, the smell will gag you. Not intended for consumption.”

They are the nastiest little crackers ever. They smell like burnt squirrel, and look like burnt squirrel, and taste like foam insulation that a squirrel has been living in, and then died, and decomposed, and then the house caught fire and the insulation and squirrel were burned, and then someone made crackers from the remains.

Though I do not really know what gluten is, apparently I love it. Apparently the presence of gluten makes things smell and taste good. So as we go about our day today (Happy October by the way!) let us put a little gluten in our attitudes. Let us be tasty, odorrific individuals.  

Besides, how awesome is the word gluten? It has the word glute in it.

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