A Gluten for Punishment   2 comments

So, if you recall, I mentioned that the Y gives out samples of products and the employees are great consumers of consumable products.

These little crackers are the latest sample that we are giving away.

These crackers have taught me something; apparently I love gluten. If you look at the front labeling you will see that these crackers are gluten-free. The label should also read, “Do not inhale prior to consuming, the smell will gag you. Not intended for consumption.”

They are the nastiest little crackers ever. They smell like burnt squirrel, and look like burnt squirrel, and taste like foam insulation that a squirrel has been living in, and then died, and decomposed, and then the house caught fire and the insulation and squirrel were burned, and then someone made crackers from the remains.

Though I do not really know what gluten is, apparently I love it. Apparently the presence of gluten makes things smell and taste good. So as we go about our day today (Happy October by the way!) let us put a little gluten in our attitudes. Let us be tasty, odorrific individuals.  

Besides, how awesome is the word gluten? It has the word glute in it.


Posted October 1, 2011 by john b in oh ssstop

2 responses to “A Gluten for Punishment

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  1. Oh My God….I just bought a bag , ( and I mean a BIG bag of those at BJ’s last weekend)….and along with some roasted red peppers & garlic hummas ….needles to say they were gone in three nights…..and don’t check my spelling, because I am the world’s worst speller!!!!!!!

    • I do not correct spelling unless someone asks me to! Come to think of it, no one has ever asked me to correct their spelling. So, I never correct spelling. I think the cracker needs to be a vehicle for something amazing. Since the crackers taste like a plate anyways you might was well use it as such! jb

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