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Warning… The following blog is written with a foul mood based on loathing of a certain micromanaging boss.

I have been guilty of the following scenario. I became aware of it in college. I asked a question that I thought was reasonable and might even be regarded as intelligent. I was wrong. I failed to think a few steps down the line. So here I am at the gym and a “simple” question was asked.

At the YMCA there are 11 machines in a row. Each machine works a different body part. You choose the weight and then perform the exercise. The question asked was; “Does the manufacturer recommend or suggest an amount of time that it should take to complete the circuit of machines?” My employee looked at me as if to say “Good question! Other people might like to know that! Heck, I want to know that!”

My response-

“How many times are you performing the exercise? How many sets are you performing on the machines? How long are you resting between sets and exercises? Are you increasing the resistance between sets? If so that will increase recovery time. Did you know that we have 11 of the 15 machines the manufacturer actually offers? So, the manufacturer cannot give us a recommendation. Your recovery time between sets and exercises is based on your conditioning so that is entirely individual. Does anyone else plan on using the machines within the time that you plan to hog them? Are you cleaning your sweat off of them after you are done with each machine? Did you have a bowl of stupid for breakfast? Does your wife know you left the house? On a scale from one to asparagus, how would you rate your intellect? Can you spell the word whytheheckareyoubotheringme? You’re not contagious are you?

So instead of sounding intelligent, the result is the opposite. The person posing the question now appears to be suffering from some psychologically debilitating condition.



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