The Avengers! (& Chubby Little Girls) Part A   Leave a comment

I saw The Avengers last night. I am still thinking about it. Actually, I am not even close to not thinking about it. As a very young child I watched Justice League on Saturday mornings. I was a huge fan of Green Lantern. I am pretty sure that was because he was green and even his name had green in it. I loved the color green, what can I say? *both palms up, arms bent, shrugging, head cocked to one side, smiling*

But then I saw The Hulk. And I didn’t like him because he was green so you know its true love. My parents use to let me watch The Hulk. I am talking ’bout the old 70’s show with Lou Ferigno. The Hulk used to scare me when he changed so I would pull an old afghan over my head. Afghans are perfect because you can actually see through them pretty good. I think it is kind of common for boys to value strength. I sure did. The Hulk was pure strength. The more you tried to stop or hurt him–the  bigger and stronger he got. When I was little I would have dreams that I had huge biceps that got bigger as I flexed them.

When I got into my 20s I started building those biceps using small doses of gamma radiation weights. I am still working at that endeavor.

I am not into green anymore. I like green lantern, but not a whole ton of a lot.

I went to see The Avengers because of The Hulk. There were 2 incredibly funny/entertaining/floparoundinmyseat-handsovermymouth-squeeling-moments in the movie. Both because of Hulk. The rest of the characters were amazing but oh man do I like seeing Hulk. Mark Ruffledhair does a really good job as Hulk’s somewhat sane and really smart side.

Well, whether you like superheros or not, this movie is way fun and will probably amuse your parts quite a bit. Part B is coming up next. I will address the Chubby Little Girls.


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