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Ok so what about the chubby little girls? Well, after years of lifting weights and trying to become hulkish, but not so much in a green way, more of a nicely tanned, incredibly appealing, let me buy you a beer and will you be in my calender that I am selling to help children who can’t afford puppies–kind of way, I took over the weight room at the YMCA in Batavia. It isn’t my life dream but I do enjoy training myself and others who share a similar passion/drive/no BS approach to fitness. Emphasis on that last part.

So a little over a week ago a woman came up to me. I had weighed her weekly for the previous 2 weeks. She is overweight. Quite a bit actually. She works hard in the gym though. I see her working out and hitting it pretty hard but she is not getting the results she wants. So she finally broke down and said that to me; “Hello Mr. Super Trainer I was admiring your biceps, and I am not getting the results I want”. I told her that I can see she is putting in the work so the only other reason for her perceived failure is her diet. She said, “but I eat really healthy!” (In my head… “oh, im sure you do”) So I told her to write down absolutely everything she eats and drinks for the next week. She left. I have seen her in here a bunch of times since then and she hasn’t mentioned it again. You know why? Well I can’t say that I know why but based on past experience I will tell you with much certainty why. She may eat moderately healthy, but probably not, and she doesn’t eat lean.

3 things I know from asking people to write down what they eat. 1- They find out very quickly that they do not eat healthy. 2- They do not want me to see that they don’t eat healthy. And because of that I know they do not really care all that much about their results or they would share their dietary failures with me and we would work to improve on them. Or 3- they do not eat all that healthy and they do not want me to see that because they are unwilling to change how they eat.

Unwilling to change diet = body unwilling to change. Its a very fair deal really. If you are unwilling to feed your body good lean quality fuel, then your body should not be obligated to change.

Ok John, you are rambling. When are we getting to the chubby girls?

So today she came to the gym with her daughters. Guess what? Yeah, the youngest one is chubby like a grape. That tells me something. That tells me that the food in the house, that she as the provider provides, is unhealthy. Hmmmm.

The little girl is way too young to be in the weight room, and I told her that. If she wants to use the cardio equipment she may. She didn’t want to, and her mom didn’t suggest to her that she use the cardio equipment even after being told that she had to leave. That told me something else. Mom has an obese little girl and really doesn’t care that she is obese. Mom didn’t have a babysitter so she brought the girls to the gym. I am not a babysitter. How bout you take them outside and do some sort of fun exercise. That would be Win Win.

Here are a few little tricks to exercising outside. If you go for a walk, walk away from your house/car. The further you walk away, the longer the walk back. Same goes for a bike ride. Park the car and walk to a park to throw a frisbee or a ball or whatever. Really people, it is very simple.

It is very unfortunate. In this area of NY we have over 25% obesity rate. The kids I see at the Y, ages 10-ish to 14-ish, are quite overweight. I see their parents working out like crazy and just trying to find somewhere else for the kids to go; something else to do. C’mon folks! Get out with them! Play wiffleball with them. You want a kid to grow up and say they had a great childhood? Play wiffleball with them. I know this is true from my own experience.  

Mom I know you wanna look good. And maybe little obese-denise doesn’t want to at this particular stage in her life, fine. Start with healthy eating.

Truly it is amazing how many people treat their kids like broken electronics equipment that I am supposed to fix. Look ma’am, I can get it running again but if you put a dozen twinkies in this dvd player again then you will be right back in here for service.


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