The REAL Iron Man goes to my gym   Leave a comment

I met the real Iron Man. He comes to my gym and works out and rides a bike. He wears a big khaki colored vest like the kind nature photographers wear. Or used to wear. I don’t really follow fashion trends in the photographing community so please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area. At any rate, he wears a big khaki colored vest with large rectangular things in pockets all around it.

I found out what those rectangular things are. They are batteries. For his heart. If the juice stops, his heart stops. I was told that I am NOT supposed to administer CPR if he goes down. So yeah, that weirded me out. He comes to my gym and works out and has batteries to keep his heart running while he waits for a donor for his heart transplant.

Apparently he can tell when the batteries are getting low and he switches to the spares so he can recharge the other dead batteries. Quite the life huh? And I don’t think Pepper Potts helps him with it. And I don’t think he can fly. Or run for that matter. Im sorry, what was that? Did you say something? Must have been the wind, but I swear I heard you complaining that your boss treats you bad? No? That wasn’t you? You weren’t just posting on facebook that people drive slow when you are in a hurry? You didn’t blow up at someone just yesterday cuz they were talkin crap? Huh. Clda sworn that was you.

Well it was me. I do that. I wonder how much I would let that stuff bother me if I had batteries keeping my heart running. I wish I could give him a never-ending power supply that looks like a glowing, neon door knob. But I can’t. However, I CAN be happy that God gave me a healthy body.


Posted May 7, 2012 by john b in Uncategorized

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