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I work at a gym. There are some interesting people here. Interesting? Not sure if that is the best word for these people. It could be the best word depending on your perspective. Entertaining? Sometimes scary? Sometimes repugnant? I get 2 points for the use of the word repugnant.

There is this one guy at my gym (no, its not the huge musclehead guy that growls, and belches, and flexs his muscles at the wall fan, and wears daisy dukes with loafers, and makes me play classic rock on tha radio all the time, no its not him) that comes in every day and wants me to weigh him. Sounds kind of reasonable right? No. No it is not reasonable. You see, he doesn’t really care. He isn’t dieting or working out. He comes to the Y and says hi to people and then I have to weigh him.

Some days it is just fine. Some days I say hi and goof around with him. Some days I hide behind some piece of workout machinery til he goes away, or I pretend to be intently helping someone who doesn’t actually know that I am standing near them pretending like I am helping them.

Today I was in my office on facebook  doing the deposits for the last 3 days. My door was closed. I could hear his voice through my door say to a nearby member, “Is John here?”

“Yes he is in his office”.

“Oh, the door is closed. Why is the door closed?”

“Oh no reason”

Knock knock. I took about 2 seconds trying to decide what to do. I had money all over my desk. He walks in. I stop him and tell him I am busy and will let him know when I am free.

After I was done with the deposit I went to get him, and weighed him, and kind of scolded him in a non-scoldish way. I told him that if my door is shut it is because I am either doing the deposit or I am in an appointment.

Sometimes I have to check a person’s body-fat percentage. I use pinchers (calipers). It sucks for everyone involved. I have had it done. Let me tell you, there is a certain awkwardness to having someone you barely know grab your fluff and pinch it and tell you how much fluff you have. It is kind of invasive. So privacy is important.

He is kind of special. He was in an accident years ago. It left him with physical issues and I think mental issues as well. His memory is pretty bad. And whatever it is internally that tells a person to knock first and then don’t just walk in, well that is broken.

Favorite music at the moment: The Panic Division

Worst song ever to make it to radio: Angel is a Centerfold


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