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Treadmills are magical. You see, what most people don’t know is that there is a huge difference between walking, and walking on a treadmill. Only walking on a treadmill burns calories. Walking in general is like driving a car. Your body knows you are simply walking to get to a destination and so your body disengages the part of you that burns calories and helps weightloss. Only on a treadmill can your steps actually burn calories and make you leaner.

I hope you know all of that stuff I just wrote is the equivilent of sweat from camel’s rump.

For some reason people think that only on a treadmill is weightloss/exercise possible. Take for instance the guy who just pulled up to the door of the gym I work at and asked if he could park there instead of parking in the lot across the street (or on the street roughly 100 feet away). He said he just wanted to use a treadmill for 20 minutes. I did my best to disguise my YouAreAnIdiotOfEpicProportions look, and said, “Oh definitely not. There are mothers coming and going, picking up kids from preschool and dropping kids off for programs. They need these spots so they don’t have to walk across the street carrying infants.”

He wanted to park by the door so he wouldn’t have to walk a couple hundred feet to the door. All so he could use a treadmill… to walk on. At this very moment he is walking on a treadmill. Walking.

If you want to start losing weight, and you are in very bad condition, do you know what many health professionals will give you? I pedometer. It counts how many steps you take in a day. Steps. As in WALKING.

Every time you move you burn calories. You want to lose weight? Burn more calories. You know one of the easiest ways to burn calories? Walk. Every chance you get. Up stairs. Down stairs. Across the street. Across the parking lot. In fact, park a little further away from any door you want to get to. Let the decrepid people have the close spots.

Just think if you walk while carrying 20 lbs in groceries! Whoa let’s not get carried away! You aren’t actually serious about losing weight and being healthy are you? No, I honestly don’t think you are. Prove it to me, or better yet prove it to you.


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