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It’s about time I offered a disclaimer for my blog. Looooong overdue.

This blog is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or infirmity (other than thoughtlessness and general disregard for the feelings/condition of others).

The views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily the opinions of my sponser. I have no sponser. If you disagree with the opinions expressed here then you are probably dumb and smelly so it is best not to let people know that.

As always, if you experience an erection lasting longer than 6 hours please see a physician.

6 hours? Really? 6 hours is alarming but 3 hours isn’t?!

Side effects may include a variety of feelings including but not limited to hunger, disgust, repulsion (or just pulsion if it is your first time), amusement, musement, longing, belonging, being, hopelessness, hopefullness, lessness, fullness…

Thats all for now!

Rereading The Hobbit as soon as I can to prepare for the upcoming movie. Favorite story as a kid. Time to revisit it!

Favorite new song… (The Panic Division- The Miracle in You)


Fantasy dream job – Cat Hunting

Fantasy dream part-time job – Owner of JB’s Zombie Hunting Charter Service


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