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Have any of you eaten these things? I did when I was a small child. I guess they looked cool back then, so I tried them. I have never eaten them since. How does the Necco company stay in business? The only people that buy these are people that have never bought them before! There is no way you would purchase them twice. You can get the same effect as buying a box of chalk, and dipping them in Cool Aid. Have fun with that. 

A lot of candy has changed over the years. I still look forward to Easter time, or rather 3 months before Easter when the Easter candy comes out. Right around Thanksgiving I think. I have always purchased one Cadbury Cream Egg every year since I was a little kid when they cost a quarter. Roughly 30 years ago.

I remember reading the Little House On the Prairie books, and when she (Laura Ingles-Wilder) wrote about Christmas she wrote about getting an orange. Tropical fruit wasn’t as easily accessed as it is today. I like fruit. It is nature’s candy.

Think about Christmas songs that speak of treats and desserts and candies that are made from fruit. “Bring me some figgy pudding”? Who the heck wants figgy pudding? I don’t mind Fig Newtons but ONLY if cookies with chocolate, and or frosting, and Oreos are not available!

But back to my original question… how the heck is the Necco corporation still in business? Is there some secret society made up of millions of members that I don’t know about who use those things as currency? And if so, what flavor is worth the most? That question will haunt me. I would join the society just to find out the currency system, but I would launch a revolution if I found out some lame flavor like banana or rootbeer is worth more than a penny. In fact, you should have to combine a rootbeer and a banana just to equal a penny.

Rootbeer candy. That’s another thing that has kind of gone away. Candy that tastes like soda is dumb. Why would you ruin soda? Oh never mind, I get it. Mom says no soda so you buy soda-flavored candy to protest. Good move. I like your style.

Do you remember Bottle Caps candy? Those were like Necco Wafers except they TASTED GOOD. I always liked getting a red one that was tangy flavored. Ok why am I craving swedish fish?! Gotta hand it to the Swedes! They invented chefs, fish, and meatballs. Or at least perfected them.   

Necco must be responsible for the idea of putting chocolate chips in cookies. If they get a cut of all that profit then maybe that offsets the losses from making candy out of a combination of chalk dust, dirt, and lint from around and on the top of toilets.


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