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I realized this past winter that I had been letting myself believe the excuses I was telling myself. I am kind of ashamed of it really. I am 37 yrs old and my left knee and left shoulder both hurt a bit. I used that as an excuse to not push myself very much in the gym. This past year I started pushing harder and found out that I am every bit as strong now as I was 7 years ago when I was at my best. That bugs me cuz I have wasted a couple years just kind of coasting along; not getting worse but also not getting better.

But now… 

I have been trying to get in to the Batavia Men’s Hockey League (BMHL) for 2 years. There are only so many spaces in the league so I have to wait for retirees, injuries, movers ons, and such. Last year I went to the draft to see who would be playing on each of the teams. I know a bunch of guys in the league so it was of great interest to me.

While we were at the draft, a couple of guys I know found out that they had dropped in rank from the previous year. That means they were rated as a worse player than the previous season. That HAS to be bad news to someone. And… it was. Neither guy took the news well. Both guys have complained about it throughout the season.

The thing is, neither guy wants to DO anything about it. We all age. With age comes decreasing ability to perform athletically. You HAVE to work hard to increase your ability and, as we age, work just to KEEP the ability we have.

I spoke to both guys this spring and asked what they were doing this summer to prepare for the season coming up. The answer for both was “nothing”, followed by excuses. In the same breath the complaint came out that they hope they didn’t drop any more in ranking.

That kind of made me happy. I know that sounds mean but y’know what? I want to play, and if they don’t want to work at it, then so be it. Let them drop, and when I get there I will be better then they will be.

Don’t you wish that everything you had the motivation to complain about you also had the motivation to change? I wish I did. Complaints come easy. In this particular case I happen to have the motivation to affect a change. I have some good friends who also share my same goals with the BMHL. It’s not enough to measure what is needed to remain the same and do just enough. If you aim for improvement then you probably will, and at least you are guaranteed to not decline.

With that in mind I kind of hope that many other guys in the BMHL have the same mindset as those 2 guys. I hope that they are relaxing and reminiscing about the previous season instead of working and dreaming of the upcoming season.    

I keep watching the guys in the league getting older, slower, fatter, drinkier, less hockier and more talkier. And thats fine with me.


Posted June 4, 2012 by john b in hockey

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