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Have you ever taken the time to learn something, or accomplish something, and have people ask you to show them or teach them, but you just know that they aren’t really serious?

I am not really awesome at anything. The few things that I have reached a degree of competancy in required a lot of work, and errors, and experimentation. One is the guitar, the other is fitness.

I don’t look exactly like I would like to, but I have been at it for a long time and have learned quite a bit both by design and by accident.

As far as the guitar goes… I have spent sooo many hours both sitting by myself and playing with others to become proficient as a musician.

So when someone comes along and asks me to show them, or teach them, or train them, or just get them to where I am at, but they don’t want to do any work… that kind of gets to me.

Athletic training is definitely one area that is rewarding to me, but it is also VERY frustrating. Very few people get fit and stay fit. Look around you. Most of the population is overweight and about a third of those people are obese. And that’s not even talking about the people who are weak or small and want to have muscles.

So when people come to me for training or advice, and I have seen no level of commitment from them, it is frustrating. I have given up an incredible amount of time to cook, research, lift, run, bike, walk, hockey, workout, study, supplement… its a big sacrifice. So when a person wants me to take time to train them, but they are not willing to even just go for a walk on their own… should I take them seriously?

Fitness is just movement. I’m serious. That is all it is. Just moving. If you want, just add resistance to your movement. Or move fast. Or a combination of fast and slow, with and without resistance. It isn’t magic. I have learned certain movements and can group movements together to achieve a certain goal, but if you want to lose weight then MOVE. You don’t need certain clothes or shoes. You just need to move.

By the way… here is some tough love for my friends: Lean is better looking than fat. It just is. No one EVER has said, “Wow! Did you see ____? He is a lot heavier and looks great!” Lean means you worked. Lean means commitment and determination. Fat means the opposite. If you want to be attractive and/or healthy, get lean. If you complain that you don’t have a girl/guy who calls you sugarlovemuffin, then get lean! There may be other issues but at least get that one out of the way!

And don’t wait to meet up with a trainer. Just move. Um… and stop eating that. You know what I am talking about.

The guitar… I don’t think I will ever give lessons for free. Free lessons means no commitment. That almost insures that I would be wasting my time. I need to see some level of dedication to learning, and some respect for the learning I have done. That’s fair isn’t it?

I LOVE to give advice or just talk with people about things like music, exercise, books, adjectives, or whatever! But I like to do those things with people who are motivated. There is nothing worse than being in a conversation and realizing that the conversation is just wasted time. That is a horrible feeling. If I have wasted your time in the past, I am sorry.


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