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Well, I have been trying to keep smiling and be polite all day as my boss and coworkers do their best to drive me to the point of drowning myself in the drinking fountain. I have reached my blogging point. You know, the point where you simply must complain, so you go online, and since you are sick of people complaining on facebook you just blog cuz that is way more classy. riiiight.

At any rate, I though you all (and by all I mean the 5 of you that read this blog) might get a kick out of the text conversation I have been having with my boss.

First let me share the breaking point. It came when, during my insane text conversation with my other boss, my coworkers at the YMCA told me that I had to clean up the lockerroom because someone had left the steam-room door open and the steam had made the floor all wet. So the lady who is the maintenance person on duty gave me a mop and mop bucket full of hot soapy water. To clean up the water on the floor. Cuz everyone knows that if you add water to water it cancels itself out and becomes dry. What. The. Heck. REALLY? You want me to mop with water to make the water go away?! “Yes your honor, that is when I blogged.”

So here is the text conversation regarding me helping to deliver and set up an electric piano to a woman in Churchville. I will include all typos and weirdness. This is exactly as I received it.

Boss- is it possible to early to the piano tom am?thurs

Me- What time?

Boss- iyou could name rhe time..the ouano is here..upbox at the house..if you could go then i would call dean..anytime..i would pass on the other guy moving

Me- I could meet them there at ten

Boss- ok i will call him and see if  we line this up..i will let you know thanks

Me- Ok

Boss- ok dean can go..would like to meet dean at churchville at the ladys house and tell me the and i will have there with the piano

Me- Ok just text me the address when you have it

Boss- (Address) would that work best for you and what time could meet the guys with the pino on the truck at her

Me- Ten

Boss- are coming back to you think you should help the two guys load it on the truck and will ride with them..this will be a good paying gig

Me- It is in a box?

Boss- yes

Me- They can load it im sure. i wld rather just meet them. it wont take 3 guys to put it on the truck.

Boss- i could get some one to help on this end  what time to meet tou tom at the lahys house and i will confirm

Me- Ten

Boss- so what is the plan …you meet there or here  and what time

Me- If you really think we need 2 movers plus me to load a box then i will meet them at the store at 930 and go out from there. otherwise i will meet them at the house at ten am.

no answer yet.

Then the mopping begins and ends and the blog is written. I feel better now thank you! Well, until tomorrow when I have to deal with this all.



Posted June 13, 2012 by john b in oh ssstop

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