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ok, so for those of you that cant read that title it says- Marriage is what brings us together today. its from The Princess Bride. you remember the priest guy who was going to marry Humperdink and the Princess? He goes on, “Wuv… twue wuvvv…”. so anyhoo when i hear the word marriage i immediately think of that guy who sounds like he had his tongue glued to the inside bottom of his mouth. and it was me that mentioned marriage. to myself.

i wanted to blog again so i just started typing about what came to mind. gotta be honest with you… i am kind of obsessed with marriage. one of my best friends gets married next week and then i get married one month after that.

what a scary exciting thought! ok yeah i am kinda nervous. in my mind it is like as if my hott lady is going to climb down a cliff, using a rope, and i am the one holding the rope at the top. if i let go she gets hurt. we are stepping up to the edge and about to tie the rope around her. oh oh!! maybe thats what they mean about tying the knot! prolly not. pretty sure thats not what they mean at all.

can i stop and switch gears for a second? everyone keeps calling me Mike. why do people think my name is Mike? At first it was just one lady at the deli, but now it is other people. the funny thing is, she must not have looked at my debit card even one time in all of the hundreds of times i’ve purchased NOS water from her. my name is john. it was never mike. do i look like a mike? can i at least be Iron Mike, or Michael Angelo, or Mikey Muscles or something like that? I prefer john though. it has served me well. it is very flexible and useable in all situations when you make it johnny_______.

back to marriage. so here we are approaching the date and i wish i could say it is just amazing. notice i said JUST amazing, because it is at least partly amazing. sarah is wonderful. could not ask for a better girl. and every day she is becoming a better sarah than she was the day before. certainly could not ask for anything better than that.

as we get closer to the date it is kind of good for the nerves that people give us stuff. her parents got us a sweet grill. i love kitchen stuff sooo much. and like i always say, “a great marriage starts with a good guy and a good grill”. ok well sarah actually said that. i just started saying it. but she said it first.  

it is a little nerve wracking thinking about the ultimate commitment. i just wish that wedding rings were magical. i wish that when you put them on all of a sudden your own desires kind of fade away and all you can think about is making her happy. i wish that all of a sudden your eyes only saw her as attractive instead of females in general being attractive. i wish the thought of kids was purely exciting and didnt carry with it concerns for loss of sleep and money and boogery colds and no more alone time. mostly it is that all of that is an overwhelming responsibilty that i have avoided for almost 38 years.  

for me it is just focus. right now i need to just focus on this time, which is fun, and the time when we are married and it is just us. and most of all, i need to focus on the One who says that if i seek Him all of the rest comes into its proper place. the One who gives us love and gently helps us to love. the One who asks me to treat her the way that i want to be treated. the One who reminds me that as much as i hold her rope she is also holding my rope.

i am very thankful to the pioneers that have come before us; her parents and mine, and for those around us that are making it work when it seems it hardly ever works.


Posted June 29, 2012 by john b in philosofickle

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