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my friend brennan (lover of manly things like hockey and beer and drums and good music) married his friend tara (lover of manly things like brennan) sunday. i was in the wedding. to date, it was the best wedding. i have a lot of reasons why. in fact, you can’t really argue with me as to whether or not it was actually the best wedding because i will offer reasons and facts and you will be wrong, and shamed. don’t believe me? well here are some of the reasons why it was the best…

brennan married tara

tara married brennan (bren and i are close–so she actually married both of us but she doesnt know that yet… i dont think. she will soon though)

they were married at northgate fmc and pastor andy did the ceremony

anth (singer/songwriter/worship leader/hockey buddy/softball captain/father to 2 awesome boys/maintainer of good looks with less hair than the average head of hair holds #hardtodo), sang this song by dustin kensrue

pretty much the best song ever written

just to recap so far… the best 2+ people, married in the best church, by the best pastor, to the best song = best wedding.

not convinced huh? ok i have more

the weather was just about 80 with a breeze

justin michau did the photography as you can see, justin can operate a camera much like a marine sniper operates a rifle

the reception was at becker farms  and becker is only one letter less than beckler, which is the best name ever. 

they had a build-your-own-loaded-baked-potato table

they also had a build-your-own-taco table

they ALSO had a build-your-own-burger table. with endless bacon

brennan’s bro was home from the army to be his best man

AND… i got to enjoy the reception with my lady sarah (lover of manly things – me/ blogger of sweet bloggings/crafter of crafty things)

if you aren’t convinced by now- you are crazy and obviously biased and may have suffered a head injury recently or maybe even not recently but you should prolly get that checked in case you have a concussion cuz im pretty sure you have permanent damage


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