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it never ends (you can Skip the complaining)   Leave a comment

it doesn’t happen often, but every so often someone close passes away. this week it was the very unexpected passing of my friend nick’s dad. he wasn’t old, and he wasn’t sick. it was a shock.

so as per usual i hit facebook for details, and really just to see if nick and his bro had posted anything (i didn’t think they would), and i wanted to see the friend responses. i was looking for a few things but really i wanted to know how to respond. i mean… i wanted to text or write, but… what do you say? i started 3 texts that day and just deleted them without sending. finally, later that night, i sent nick a text.

the thing that always gets me is that my friend’s dad is gone. that right there is my biggest fear in life. my dad will pass away sometime, probably not in the too-distant future.

while nick and his fam and friends are stricken with grief facebook is alive with funny pics, not funny pics, complaints, pics and updates about the glories of coffee in the morning, quotes from drake (which i am positive are NOT from drake), quotes from just about everyone… blah blah blah. it just becomes noise.

at first it angered me. then, when i wasn’t so emotional, it made a little bit of sense. it struck me that what was important enough to write about, or capture in a pic, was so trivial compared to the loss and the grief that many were going through. then i realized that many people go through that daily while i post updates about hockey, or constipation, or music, or whatever. it’s just how we get through life. no one wants to hurt. everyone wants to get past it. i am not suggesting for a minute that the passing of Skip will be forgotten any time soon. not ever. but the daily little stuff goes on. and it is good that it does.

i will always be frustrated with people who claim that their day is ruined because their car radio doesn’t work, or they spilled something, or whatever. i hate complaining. especially when i think about how wonderful nick’s fam is. and they are going through this right after thanksgiving and right before christmas. way to shoot future holidays down. so you can understand when i clench my teeth when you post loudly that this day was doomed to failure the moment you realized you didn’t have enough milk for your cereal.

life goes on but can’t we adjust our perspective a little? 

i get the distraction. we all need stuff to do and fix our attention on. maybe because of things like dads passing away. we look to little things to find pleasure in. that’s life i guess!

i look forward to finding simple pleasure in some xbox time with nick and fred very soon.

i will always remember skip. this world lost a great man. i feel bad for his family but i feel worse for the guys i know who never had a dad like skip; the women who never had or will have a husband like skip, and the men who never had a friend like Skip. 

ok im done. back to facebook…


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