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one of my favorite things about being a fitness trainer is when people tell me what is correct and what is not. let me clarify a little. there are many ways to perform certain exercises. there are countless variations to exercises and, if i have learned anything, people modify exercises to accommodate aches and pains. keep that in mind as you read on.

so i am in an appointment with my friend brett. brett does everything i ask of him. he is pretty much the perfect client. as we were talking, an elderly woman came up to me in a huff. (not to be confused with wearing a huff. most people don’t wear huffs to the gym. she was shrouded in huff.) she exclaimed; “that man on the “gazelle machine” is doing it wrong!” “His knees are straight; he should have his knees bent”! my first thought was what the heck is a gazelle machine? I saw the man in question and told her that it was quite common for people to set the machine for a straighter-legged stance if they have knee issues. the man was probably late 60s or early 70s. safe to say that his knees are not what they used to be. the woman was probably the same age.

what i am about to write may offend some people. please realize that it is just an observation based on evidence i have accumulated without trying. elderly people are definitely the most opinionated, the most vocal about it, the least apt to change, and the least forgiving of change that they are subjected to. it is unfortunate. i am 38 yrs old. i would like to look to them for guidance and motivation. occasionally i come across an older person who inspires me, but in my job, the older people complain about any little change to their rituals. in this case the woman was acting as if another member was wandering across a busy freeway.

after i explained the reasons why the man was potentially-performing the exercise, she declared loudly “well fine, but he is doing it wrong!” that was when i smacked her. just kidding. i kinda laughed about it as she walked away. in retrospect i should have asked her for her training credentials and pointed out that she called the Cybex Arc Trainer a “Gazelle Machine”. that last act alone precluded the credibility of her complaint.

brett and i laughed about it and did our workout. it was a good workout. lots of pullups, and all manner of grunting.

the man who was performing the exercise comes to the Y regularly. he is an inspiration to me. he exercises almost daily and is in a pleasant mood.


Posted June 3, 2013 by john b in oh ssstop

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