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I was born at a very early age. Ok, sorry. I always thought that was funny, and I stole it from a great musician that I happened to hear speak once.
Well this is my blog. It is not very thematic. By that I mean that it is not intended for one purpose or another. It is pretty much a peek into my head, or rather, it is a look at the stuff that seeps out of my head.
Things you will likely read about include:
Human Characteristics that I find amusing or otherwise worth mentioning.

I tend to get my thoughts down on here fast and with few or no edits so don’t be surprised to find typos and weird grammatical things like the occassional but not consistant use of capitalization. Hopefully you do not find that to be like finding hair in your food. Or bugs in there. Hopefully it will be like finding Oreos in your food.

So here is me! Welcome and feel free to comment.

John B.


Posted March 26, 2009 by john b

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